Monday, January 7, 2008

Room model filtering

So I'm now working on a spatial audio project called ViMic, in C/C++ and Max/Msp. I will post a more comprehensive overview at some point, but I think I should write about the current issue I am working on. The problem is as follows:

  • To avoid the Doppler effect when moving a sound source rapidly (i.e. sudden change in delay time resulting in a pitch shift), the program crossfades between the previous delay time and the new delay time.
  • This approach is good for avoiding the Doppler effect, but has led to discontinuities in the signal. These result from reading from the wrong part of the delay line.
  • Adding filtering to simulate the walls absorption of the sound seems to worsen the discontinuities apparent in the crossfading case.

A potential solution we are working on right now is to have one set of filters for the signal that is faded out, and another for the signal that is faded in. These filter sets are being swapped to avoid discontinuities. Moving the filter swap to the start of the crossfade, rather than the end, seems to have resolved the issue.

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